Last revised:
# Use GNU bash version 5.2.26 or greater.

$if Bash
    # Allow bash command prompt to work like vi. Similar to Ctrl-X Ctrl-E while
    # on the default emacs mode, you can hit `v` while in the vi command mode.
    set editing-mode vi

$if mode=vi
    # Allow to display the vi current mode in the prompt.
    set show-mode-in-prompt on
    # Set the cursor as vertical bar while on insert mode.
    set vi-ins-mode-string \1\e[6 q\2
    # Set the cursor as block while on command mode.
    set vi-cmd-mode-string \1\e[2 q\2
    # Switch to block cursor before executing a command. Otherwise, cursor will
    # stay as vertical bar (insert mode) after opening a file with vi.
    set keymap vi-insert
    RETURN: "\e\n"